Why Social Media For Business

Why Using Social Media For Business

Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

So why you should you blog, create valuable content and build networks on social media? Is social media just about being superficial or is it much deeper than that? Social media has touched something in human consciousness that goes beyond just online conversations. It has provided a global connectedness that is culture and nation changing. It has given us as individuals control over our lives and how we express ourselves.

That is what is exciting. The power of media now resides in your hands and everyone can express themselves to the world and carve out and create their own corner of influence. The democratization of media that is social media, allows everyone to express themselves globally in full color and rich multimedia. No longer do you need to beg a book publisher for access. You can now self-publish and place your book in the Amazon or Apple book store. Here are a few reasons why you should tap into the power of social media that may resonate with you. This may motivate you to take control of your life and business with the new world of online publishing and marketing via blogs and social media networks.

  1. Turn your passion into a business
  2. Take control of your life
  3. Take control of your publishing
  4. Take control of your marketing
  5. Become a thought leader
  6. Travel
  7. Be paid to speak
  8. Become influential
  9. Make a difference
  10. Leave a legacy
  11. Build trust
  12. Earn respect
  13. Build an online asset that will show up in Google search results for years
  14. Build a business online
  15. Create independence
  16. Meet cool and influential people both virtual and face to face
  17. Grow your own network of influence
  18. Open up business opportunities
  19. Accelerate the rate of growth both personal and business
  20. Become well known or even famous
  21. Be wanted and even demanded
  22. Be valued
  23. Develop self respect
  24. Turn your life form ordinary to extraordinary
  25. Become an author
  26. Change people’s lives
  27. Change your own life
  28. Grow
  29. Be able to leap out out of bed instead of crawl
  30. Learn more about passion instead of just showing up
  31. Gain energy
  32. Learn more about yourself through self expression
  33. Leave your day job behind
  34. Fire your boss
  35. Make your mum proud
  36. Make your friends jealous
  37. Put a smile on your face
  38. Put a spring in your step
  39. Discover skills you didn’t know you had
  40. Sing in the car or shower
  41. Find purpose in your life
  42. Overcome the fear of public speaking
  43. No longer have to worry about the fear of rejection
  44. Connect to global markets

Why would you want to waste your time blogging and building a following on social media networks? Why would you bother? It all seems like a lot of hard work really. For hundreds of years expressing yourself and displaying your passion and talents was confined to writing, drawing or painting on a piece of paper and then begging a publisher or someone of influence to tell the world or publish your work or display it. It took time, money and often access to powerful social and business networks. Being rich or royal was often a prerequisite to being noticed. It also took a lot of time with death often happening before fame kicked in. Many musicians and artists didn’t achieve fame until centuries later. Artists and creatives often needed access to kings and queens and their benevolent attention to break through the barrier of anonymity.


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