Why Twitter Followers Important ?

Why twitter followers are more important for business?

Twitter followers help you to gather important information regarding your brand and also the industry in general.

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Recently, I’ve seen a lot of talk from social media expert-types and novices alike, arguing that the number of Twitter followers you have or Facebook fans you have doesn’t matter. It’s all about the quality of the followers and how engaged you are with them, they say. While I’d be the 1st person to agree with the importance of building a highly engaged, well-targeted community across social networks, quantity matters too.

Twitter has gained status as among the leading social media marketing tools available today. This is because it is very easy for you to control the nature and number of your followers as well as measure your twitter ROI. However, people debate over whether you should give prominence to quality of Twitter followers over the quantity of followers.

In addition, you can always use the Twitter search facility to gain access to relevant topics within your industry. This, however, calls for thorough knowledge on the basics of twitter marketing. You need to search for the relevant authorities within your industry and then add them in your follow list so as to access their tweets. You also need to learn how to use keywords to search for relevant information.

Twitter followers keep you connected and updated.

Tweets from the people or brands you follow will keep you posted on any recent developments, opportunities or even threats in the industry or towards your brand. This helps you take the necessary action and hence stay ahead of competition. Direct messages from your customers or potential customers and comments on your posts can also be used to obtain feedback or share information.

Twitter followers facilitate rapid information sharing and lead generation.

You can post and they can read your tweets as soon as possible. A larger following ensures that you reach to as wider market as possible. However, your efforts will be futile if all your twitter followers just read and never do anything thereafter.

You need to have a quality following in order to facilitate lead generation through twitter. Search for people who are relevant to your brand because they will always retweet, reply to your tweets as well as visit your site for more advanced actions such as reading your content, sending inquiries, subscribing to your newsletter, placing an order or referring friends.

Twitter followers contribute towards your brand popularity.

It is possible for your followers to share your twitter posts through the retweet button. Retweeted posts will be made available to all their followers, who may in turn follow you especially if they feel that your tweets add value to their lives or that your brand is relevant to them. This not only makes you more visible, but also boosts your brand popularity and credibility.

Sometimes, people will rate your brand in terms of twitter followers and so a large following will give you advantage over your competitors. Your following can be boosted by buying Twitter followers but you also need to ensure your active followers are engaged and encouraged to keep following you.

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