Social Media SEO Opportunities

socialseoSocial media isn’t solely about direct social results. There are many places on your website where social media may improve your search engine optimization (SEO) while helping your business grow its online presence. No SEO strategy can guarantee results, but these tips can help ensure that you have all the bases covered to take full advantage of the available opportunities.

Alt tags for images are sometimes overlooked by website marketing managers, who are so focused on meta tags or the content of the site, that they forget the benefit other meta tags can bring.

Adding alt tags to all images on a website can increase the chances that the image gets indexed in Google Images, thus possibly leading to more traffic to your website where the image is hosted.

Social media icons are no different. Having an alt tag of “Follow [Company Name] on Twitter” can help include two important social media keywords: the social network name and the company name.

Add Social Media Accounts

Be sure to share your social media links wherever it’s appropriate. If your business is listed in local directories or even national sites like Google+, Facebook or Yelp, make sure you completely fill out any fields where social media account links are allowed.

Creating a Word document or Google Drive spreadsheet of all the public account URLs can help get this done quickly without much hassle. This also includes adding URLs of social media accounts on other social media profiles you may have. For instance, Pinterest has an available field for the user or company’s Twitter URL.

When it comes to your own website, list employees’ social media accounts on their bio pages, as well as on any sidebars or headers that have built-in social media integration. Be sure to include your company-wide accounts as appropriate, as well.

While this isn’t directly giving links to your own website, it is helping expand your company’s presence online, which may eventually help with search ranking, if it hasn’t already.

Successfull Social Media SEO Strategey

Part of having a successfully combined social media and SEO online marketing strategy includes staying up to date with changes and keeping profiles and website content current. The relevancy of content and social media updates to current events or applicable searches from users will also help your company’s online presence continue to grow.

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